We found a way to make Georgie come home

“Well, now you have to come home,” I said, and I’m glad to tell you that she said,


Georgie arrived back in the UK on the 6th of April, finally bringing to a close over two years of work in some of the world’s toughest spots. She had spent a total of 18 months in Sierra Leone, with nine of those spent working in the Ebola treatment centres. After that she completed 6 months on Turkey’s Syrian border, working as best as she could to bring some small comfort to those suffering in that unhappy part of the world. She has worked tirelessly to help people who have lost everything and who have no idea what tomorrow will bring.

For us, lucky as we are, those two years of work ended on a beach in Spain, in the sun and in comfort, together and happy.

I have, of course, talked at great length about Georgie’s efforts – and there are many more stories waiting to be told of her adventures. But today is time for a different kind of update, because now it’s finally time for Georgie to think about herself – it’s time for her to be taken care of and looked after, time for her to reflect on what’s ahead.

No doubt you’re wondering what it could be that would finally convince Georgie to leave such important work – work that she cares deeply about – to come home.

Well happy news, everyone:

Georgie and I are going to be parents.

A whole new adventure beckons.

More soon.


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