Most Bloomin’ Excellent

We didn’t believe it until we saw it in the papers, that’s why it wasn’t too hard to keep it a secret.

For over a month we asked ourselves – is it really true? Was it a hoax? Maybe the letter got lost in the post?

Because when they first wrote to Georgie, they gave her a box to tick, a warning to be secretive and not a lot else.

And even when the journalist contacted us on Friday afternoon, it still didn’t seem real – not until the moment when we opened the papers, last Saturday morning, scanned the list and found Georgie’s name.

For Humanitarian Services, it read, in particular to Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone:

Georgina Grundy-Campbell: MBE

“I still don’t think I deserve it,” says Georgie, after spending the better part of a year working 7 days a week, 18 hours a day to bring comfort and support to families and individuals whose lives had been devastated by a brutal disease no-one understood.

I don’t do it often – but on this occasion I’m going to risk disagreeing with her.

Raise a glass for Georgie – because in her current state (27 weeks pregnant today!) she’s unable to raise one herself (at least not one containing anything more fun than apple juice…).

Georgie’s hard work and dedication is, to me, exactly the kind of thing these honours are intended to recognise – her selflessness, generosity and compassion humbles me. It’s a mark of her character that I’m only posting this now – a week after the fact – and that until now Georgie has only shared her amazing news with a handful of her closest friends and family.

Georgie’s efforts to help people less fortunate than herself – people truly in need – represents all that is good and to me serves as a daily reminder, in this world that sometimes seems crazy and cruel, that there are good people in the world who want to make it better place for us all.

How glad I am to be married to one of them.


15 thoughts on “Most Bloomin’ Excellent

  1. Euan Kennedy says:

    Dear Ian and Georgie,

    Thank you for this very good news, Ian. To you Geogie, many congratulations on this, no doubt, well

    deserved honour. You both have made personal sacrifices so that this work for the public good of the

    people of Sierra Leone could be achieved, and I am pleased that you welcome the public recognition

    for what you have done.

    I am pleased to be associated with you both and your work.

    With my good wishes,

    Euan (Kennedy)

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    • Ian Grundy Campbell says:

      Thanks, Euan,
      I, too, am so pleased she has this recognition, but she has always said that she did it only for the great people of Sierra Leone – and I know she would love for there to be similar recognition for the amazing people there, especially those in her team who did incredible things under the most challenging circumstances.

      Thank goodness it is now done with and the work can carry on helping people to put their lives back together.


  2. Gill Hutton says:

    Just found your site and have signed up so that I receive all your news. Congratulations on all your news, both the baby and the MBE. Well done for all your hard work. Gill & Gregor xxxxx


  3. Helena says:

    Yeah!!! I agree that this is what honours are for.
    I’m so proud of Georgie for her skill, commitment and love for people who need it most, when they need it most – and of Ian who has played his important part by loving and supporting her so wholeheartedly.
    The world is a better place for having these 2 in it.

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  4. Judy Egginton says:

    Dear Georgie and Ian

    Fantastic news, and of course you deserve it Georgie, you have done so much and it is wonderful that it has been recognised. Wonderful too about the forthcoming attraction. I will indeed raise a glass of wine to you both, it is a team effort in many ways. LoveJudy

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