When Georgie met the Queen

It was a long drive to London with a new baby in the back seat. Before we set off I had rigged up some fairy lights around the headrests to distract her. That worked fine until we were stuck in traffic, 13 miles of roadworks on the M6. She liked that even less than we did. … Continue reading When Georgie met the Queen


Views of The Shards

 I've tried several times, now, to write about our last weeks in London, but my thoughts just keep getting jumbled and there are too many conflicting ideas and moments that I haven't ever really been able to convey.Here's something I started to write about moving out of our flat:I spent Thursday packing boxes.Two years of … Continue reading Views of The Shards

The Journey Begins

"1 Bedroom Flat to Rent in Hammersmith, West London" And with that, posted on the internet for the world to see, it suddenly feels very official. To most people, Georgie and I have only recently made the choice to uproot our lives and to go and live in West Africa, in a small town called … Continue reading The Journey Begins