First days in Cullera

It was Minorca that did it. It was there, in the airport, that we casually picked up the estate agent’s brochure. Idle curiosity. Picking a dream house from the listings. Marvelling at the price difference between property in London and the properties we saw in the brochure. And back in London the thought nagged. We … More First days in Cullera

Moving Mountains

The sky is pink as the sun breaches the horizon and a golden path floods across the sea, sunlight pouring in through the windows. To the south hazy cloud hangs in valleys between rocky hilltops. The white sand below us is like the surface of the moon – little footstep craters in the deep shadow … More Moving Mountains


I’ve made about four attempts at writing this today and it’s proved surprisingly difficult. What, in the end, can you say about someone so amazing, hard working, caring and so utterly deserving of recognition? Nevertheless, I promised an update about something good and, finally and thankfully, here it is: What a nice thing, to be … More OSM OMG!