Postcard from Barcelona

We live only half an hour from Valencia and yet we managed to visit Barcelona first despite it being four hours away on the train.

It was all in a good cause, though, to throw our support behind Roger who was competing in his first (only?) Iron Man competition last week. He finished in an impressive 12:37:33 and we got a lovely couple of days in a beautiful city. Win win.


The Sagrada Familia is certainly arresting from the outside, but opinions are divided on whether it’s actually pretty. George Orwell certainly didn’t think so – he called it “one of the most hideous buildings in the world” and said the rebels had shown ‘poor taste’ in not destroying it when they had a chance.


On the other hand, I think it would be hard to describe the interior as anything less than astoundingly beautiful (pics below).

The light seems to breath down on you from the towering windows.


3 thoughts on “Postcard from Barcelona

  1. katie says:

    fantactic to see you both , so glad you could make it and I know rog aprisated it , I wish could have seen in side too !!! love to you both xxxx


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