Some fantastic news. 

We sit here, in our London flat, Georgie and I. Georgie’s bags are packed and ready and we are getting set for the trip out to Heathrow and for Georgie’s final stint in Sierra Leone. It feels like a long time now since I left there in August. A very long time since we first began our adventures last year, an age since the start of this outbreak. 
And finally there is some news worth celebrating. After 42 days with no new cases, Liberia has been officially declared Ebola Free by the WHO. 
It has been a long road, and for those in Sierra Leone and Guinea there is work still to be done. 
But raise a glass tonight for Liberia. Finally they can look to tomorrow without fear and begin to think about rebuilding their lives. 
Do me a favour. Raise a glass for Georgie, too. She flies at 6:50 tomorrow morning. The battle in Sierra Leone goes on. 
Liberia declared Ebola free


2 thoughts on “Some fantastic news. 

  1. Euan Kennedy says:

    This is very good news indeed.

    Every good wish to you, Georgie, for your final trip.

    We heard a bit about your work from your mother on our recent trip to Troon in Scotland.

    With my good wishes,

    Euan Kennedy


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