Georgie in the news

Well here we are in 2015 and Georgie is back in Freetown again. I could update you on what she’s up to or I could just direct you to this article in today’s Guardian that explains it far better and contains a quote from Georgie herself. The report that is linked to in the first paragraph was also prepared by her.

She is, as ever, working incredibly hard.


3 thoughts on “Georgie in the news

  1. pipcocampbell says:

    Thanks for the tipoff, Ian, on the Guardian article. It’s great that Georgie’s report for IMC has been picked up, not just by the professionals, but by the popular press, too. The contingent devastation this disease causes must be highlighted. Of course medical cure is the vital first step, but then the broken homes, the broken infrastructure, and the broken minds that can follow; all will need intense and long term support and care, as Georgie says. Philip.


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