Workers in PPE suits in Lunsar, Sierra Leone

Keep Georgie and Sierra Leone in your thoughts tonight.

Just a very quick one this evening to ask that you all join me in thinking of Georgie especially tonight and tomorrow. After an incredibly busy few weeks training and recruiting and planning she will be involved in the opening of the new treatment centre in Lunsar which is due to take place tomorrow. It will be a big moment.

I’ll fill in more details tomorrow if I can, but in short this has been what Georgie has been building towards for the last six weeks. It sounds like today has been a tough day – doing dry runs and rehearsing all of the protocols required to keep everyone safe. After a full day, they are still not done – they’ve yet to carry out the practice night shift between 8 and 10pm, GMT. And tomorrow they hope to begin accepting patients.

Georgie is doing OK but, like everyone out there helping, she is exhausted – working flat out seven days a week since she arrived to ensure that everything is ready.

She sent me the above photo yesterday, saying “It all feels very real.”

Think of her, pray for her, send her good vibes – whatever is your scene. And do the same for all the people that she and her colleagues out there are going to be helping.

Thank you.


8 thoughts on “Keep Georgie and Sierra Leone in your thoughts tonight.

  1. Tom says:

    Good luck Georgie! You are doing such fantastic work on everone’s behalf. We can only imagine how hard it must be but these blog posts help us understand a little bit of what you are doing and facing each day. Thank you and Ian for sharing them with us. Keep safe. Tom

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  2. Sarah Campbell says:

    The opening day has at last come and I am sure it could not come too soon for the Ebola patients and their carers. Very good luck to you all – I hope the place is fit for purpose and IMC can begin to carry out the work they went out to do. May the way be smooth

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  3. Emma Dawson says:

    Amazing to see an old friend take such a courageous path. Georgie you are in my thoughts every day. Your friends are waiting here and ready to give you all the support you need when you are next back. Emx

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  4. Andrea says:

    I will never forget about you and Ian, the effort and committement that all of you put in your job and life!
    hope we can re-meet one day! take care. yours. Andrea


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