A report from Patrick Conteh in Kroo Bay, Sierra Leone

Just before we left Sierra Leone, we left a camera with Patrick Conteh of Ngbotima. He’s an aspiring journalist and we gave him the task of reporting back on his life.

With all of the current focus on Ebola, these pictures and his accompanying report are, I think, a timely reminder of the struggles that the people of Sierra Leone are used to facing on a daily basis. When we question why this disease is taking so long to contain, it is worth remembering that these are the conditions that the WHO and MSF are up against.


Kroo Bay Trash



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  1. Sarah Campbell says:

    More please, Patrick – can you write it as well, so we can all read your thoughts on the terrible crisis that has overcome your country.


    1. Hoping for more from Patrick soon!


  2. Dear Ian, Patrick’s anger against life in Kroo Bay comes over powerfully in his voice. It is horrific. Can he write it, too? Can he tell us more about life now for his people, the stories of the people living in Freetown?.


    1. Hi Philip, I have asked Patrick for exactly this. He has also sent a similar brief update on Ebola which I will post very soon.


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