The First Day of our Lives

You stand in line nervously waiting for a man in a white coat to point a thermometer at your head. If the number is low enough you can go home. You breathe in.

Then sunlight sparkles on the top of a wave that breaks onto a pebbled beach without making a sound. And Georgie appears, dressed in white and her eyes are shining in the sun.

You breathe out.

And by the time memory catches up with reality, when time has slowed down and sound has returned there is a ring and you are married.

And maybe more happened on that day by the beach, those few perfect hours in the late-summer sun, but not much of it makes sense in words, not much of it is clear in my mind except for those handful of seconds that will last a lifetime, those forever-changing minutes on the veranda when we stood completely alone in front of our family and were completely calm.


(Featured image by our fantastic photographer Lisa – visit her website here)



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